Why Choose Us?

Expert, Caring Tuition


We offer a FREE, no-obligation educational assessment for each child. This gives you the opportunity to meet one of our teachers, who will provide you with an honest appraisal of your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our members can help your child achieve and succeed in school.

Our members can help your child achieve and succeed in school.

If you choose to enrol with one of our tuition centres, your child will normally attend once per week. We offer individual tuition within a small group setting. Your child will have his/ her own lesson plan and we will always focus on his/ her areas for improvement. Progress is at the students’ own pace, so they will not be bored being held at the pace of other children, nor overwhelmed by feeling they are out of their depth.

It’s safe to say that children make rapid progress, not least because our qualified teachers know how to encourage, motivate and engage children.

Safe, focused learning environment

We create a positive learning environment to boost students’ confidence. Our success is based on face-to-face tuition and is mainly pen-and-paper based – mirroring the exams children will sit in school. Computer technology is used only sparingly and as reinforcement – not as a teaching tool.

Our aim is to provide a safe, friendly, stimulating and distraction-free learning environment for both primary and secondary students.

Fully qualified, experienced teachers

We employ only qualified teachers who have professional knowledge and experience of our local education system and curriculum. Whether your child is studying for entrance exams, GCSEs, SATs or Standard Grades, our teachers have the expertise to help them achieve their academic goals.