Ace Tuition Centre

Ace Tuition Centre, 73a Station Road, Clacton, Essex CO15 1SD

English and maths tutoring for children aged 5-16

Since opening in September 2004 as a Kip McGrath Education Centre franchise, our centre has helped hundreds of children improve in their understanding and knowledge in these subjects. On 24th August 2011 we ceased operating as a KMEC franchise, to become Ace Tuition.

A free assessment is arranged for every student. The outcome is discussed and a teaching programme proposed. Progress is monitored closely each week and a re-assessment carried out after 3 – 4 months tuition. Parents can clearly see the progress being made.

The Centre offers tuition primarily in English and Maths but sessions in Science, Languages, Technology Business and ICT can also be arranged.

Lessons are 80 minutes in length which allows for a variety of teaching methods to be used including computer based work to motivate the student. Teaching takes place in within small groups (4 – 5 students).. Every student has their own teaching programme and receives individual tuition. Ace centres specialise in the teaching of ENGLISH, MATHS, READING AND SPELLING ensuring every student understands the basic concepts in both subjects.

The centres are managed by Iain McKenzie, a fully qualified teacher, is the centre director of Clacton and Colchester. He completed his training in the University of Wales and Bristol He has been Heads of Subjects and has a wealth of classroom experience.

Why choose Ace Tuition Centre?

  • Students are treated with respect and understanding.
  • Achievement is natural and fun.
  • A carefully graded curriculum enables progress that is constant, monitored and accelerated.
  • Students are initially engaged in activities in which they feel confident and then progress at their own pace never feeling overwhelmed.
  • Improvements.
  • Ace Tuition centre offers facilities as an exam centre for Edexcel and special daytime sessions for home taught students.

Tuition Times

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Association of Professional Tuition Centres

In August 2011, 24 former franchisees from across the UK, formed our association of independent tuition centres. All centres have been open for several years and each has built up an excellent reputation in their local community.
We have shared knowledge and expertise to identify the key factors which have contributed to each centre’s success. Together, we have invested heavily in new software, online and paper-based resources. We each intend to make our service to parents and students even better.
Your child’s success with us begins with a free, no-obligation educational assessment.

“A big improvement in Rebecca’s Maths work; and she has grown more confident with the subject in class.” – Rebecca’s mother