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JJs Tuition, 1436c London Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS9 2UL

English, maths and science tutoring for children aged 5 upwards in the Southend area

In 2007, Jacky and Jim Thomson opened their Education Centre in Hadleigh, serving Castle Point and the western parts of Southend. In February 2012 they moved to new premises on the corner of London Road and Crescent Road in Leigh-on-Sea, giving better visibility and easier access for parents. As Jim says, “We are now over 8 years into helping kids in our area. It is the most fun we have ever had and it’s so nice to bump into people in the street, often over 6ft tall! and hear them say ‘Yo, Jim, you got me through my exams’” It makes our day.

J n J were founder members of the Association of Professional Tuition Centres, a national network now numbering over 40 totally independent Tuition Centres in the UK, all operating to the highest standards. The Association members share resources, experience and skills, making this a very dynamic membership organisation.

Since 2007, with their dedicated team – all fully qualified (and excellent) teachers – they’ve built a reputation second to none. They’ve also worked with several local schools to provide alternative education in English, Maths, Media Studies and Applied Business Studies, to students that would have otherwise had no real option.

In 2018 Jim & Jacky chose to take well deserved retirement and sold the business as a going concern to Julie Hemmings and Craig Hunter who were already operating successful tuition business’ in Essex. Julie & Craig found they had a shared ethos and have retained the superb tuition team and made new additions which extend the offer of superb expert tuition to even more pupils.

Virtually all of JJs new students come from personal recommendations from existing customers (parents!) Once, famously, we recruited a new pupil on the basis of a recommendation from the driver who was ferrying the family to Stansted Airport. Who says you can’t trust a cabbie?!?!

But this geographical area is really not typical. We have a raft of primary schools all with a different focus. We have Grammar Schools (fairly unusual in this day and age) and really high-achieving comprehensives that are, to some extent, selective. Meeting that need required specifically-developed resources. That’s exactly what we set out to create and, we have spent every year refining.

When we launched JJs, we put our heads together and decided to be not just the best (we were already that, judging by the letters of thanks we receive, the numerous bottles of wine and boxes of chocolates received at Christmas and, not least, the RESULTS we achieve) but to become the very best we could be. That meant new teaching materials, specifically targeting the needs of SE Essex.”

Why choose JJs Tuition?

  • Excellent professional tuition.
  • New, improved, relevant resources, written, developed and used by teachers for individual and small group tuition.
  • A bright, happy centre, with our unique approach to making learning fun.
  • The opportunity to succeed.

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Association of Professional Tuition Centres

In August 2011, 24 former franchisees from across the UK, formed our association of independent tuition centres. All centres have been open for several years and each has built up an excellent reputation in their local community.
We have shared knowledge and expertise to identify the key factors which have contributed to each centre’s success. Together, we have invested heavily in new software, online and paper-based resources. We each intend to make our service to parents and students even better.
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